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Why Kom@ ?

Your customers use digital technology

To create a successful marketing campaign, marketing and technology should be in harmony. This is what we have been doing since 2011. We accept your challenges and give your digital presence a unique identity.

Basic rules:

Your activities are a priority.

We push your ideas, in the digital and real world.

We act quickly together, as today’s market demands.

We transfer our knowledge and skills into mastering your challenges, without any restraints.

We like to build a longstanding relationship. The better we know each other, the easier it will be to navigate the blue oceans!

Partners and associates are involved in the process. Let us be honest, humanity's overall knowledge doubles every 12 months. There are so many different technological options on the market today and no business entity can do it on their own. That is why we work with experts from all over the world, across all relevant industries, to round out the whole story.

How we can help you

Our guiding principle in business is to fulfill your wishes.

Mutual trust is a key point. Together we form a team strong enough to withstand all market demands. From digital strategy to promotion, our services cover the entire spectrum.

Web Design

The starting point of your digital presence is your website. They are custom-made, according to the specifics of the industry, the clients and their needs. In accordance with the latest technological trends, the design process starts out with an- idea. We solve your customers problems while building your own brand!

App development

Today’s customers are spoiled. They want you to have all the information in one place without having to invest too much effort. Web applications are the ideal solution. From the very first step, which is creating a project plan, we focus on the customer and his problems. We provide them with everything, making it easier for them to access information and at the same time simplifying the purchase and booking process.

Multi-touch display

Digital panels that provide key information to your audience. We define locations and messages, prepare visual solutions, and place displays at specified places. The perfect blend of digital and physical presence.

Digital Signage

Creating adverts for panels and television screens can become an extremely expensive nightmare. Therefore, we have created a system that, based on your needs and requirements, delivers a targeted message for your customers. The ability to manage all your messages from one place (a computer) is the most popular model!

Online Advertising

Targeted advertising that reaches your customers delivers the highest return on investment. Customers have different habits, some use only Google, some search Facebook, and others get information on YouTube. We control the process, create campaigns, track results, and optimize the entire advertising process based on our results.


When you are stuck between choosing modern technology and selecting various digital marketing channels, our years of experience are there to help you. We provide guidance, experience and practical examples from multiple industries. Your story is unique. We listen. We analyze, plan and ultimately suggest ways to communicate your story to your target audience.


Our long-time collaborates with whom we write successful and profitable stories.

Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - Krešić Properties

Krešić Properties

web stranica/Konzultacije


Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - Banje Beach

Banje Beach


Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - Deltagrad



Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - Dubrovnik net

Dubrovnik net


Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - More Produkcija

More Produkcija


Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - Restoran Leut

Restoran Leut

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Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - Libertas Inzenjering

Libertas Inzenjering

Web stranica/Konzultacije


Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - Hrvatsko Društvo Psihologa

Hrvatsko Društvo Psihologa

Web stranica/Razvoj aplikacija


Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - Unidu radio

Unidu radio

Razvoj aplikacija/Konzultacije

Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - Ronilački klub Aquatica Mljet

Ronilački klub Aquatica Mljet

Web stranica


Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - Projektil agencija

Projektil agencija


Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - Rental Slade Dubrovnik

Rental Slade Dubrovnik

Web stranica


Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - PVTR DNZ


Web stranica


Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - Kapetanovic Sistemi

Kapetanovic Sistemi

Web shop

Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - Grad Knin

Grad Knin

Razvoj aplikacija/Konzultacije

Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - Omnivor


Web stranica/web shop

Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - Taverna Otto

Taverna Otto

Web stranica


Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - Adriatic Travel Collection

Adriatic Travel Collection

Web stranica/Konzultacije


Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - MPR+



Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - Fervens



Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - Proto Arch

Proto Arch


Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - Grad Krk

Grad Krk


Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - TZ Rovinj

TZ Rovinj


Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - Dubrovačka Biskupija

Dubrovačka Biskupija


Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - 360&more



Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - Best of Dubrovnik

Best of Dubrovnik

Web stranica


Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - IUC Dubrovnik

IUC Dubrovnik

Web stranica/Konzultacije

Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - Hedera Estate

Hedera Estate

toDO Dubrovnik

Kom@ Dig[IT]alna agencija - Villa Soline

Villa Soline

Web stranica


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Web platforma za prijavu komunalnih i okolišnih problema putem pametnih telefona i desktop računala



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